Chapter 4

In 1962, I was working in the DC-9 Performance Group in one of our Engineering buildings, just recently completed; it also was windowless, where we sat. My boss was Bill Harrison, Director of the group, whom I liked and respected. The job was very low in challenges for an engineering graduate. It was not long before I realized that engineering was a viable career, but that my background could be used towards the marketing side of the business.

There was a group called Sales Engineering that supported the salesmen when visiting customers. Bill understood my feelings and suggested that I talk to Walt Rosenow, Manager, and Joe Pimentel, Director of the group. Bill said I would have to make the contacts, as Sales Engineering could not be seen as raiding the Engineering group. The meeting went well with Walt and Joe, and I was asked to join the Sales Engineering group. But like Bill had stated, I would have to make the formal request to transfer, which I did . Dick Shevell, V.P. of the Aero Department, attempted to convince me that I would make more money staying in Engineering, but the call to marketing was greater. In the long run, he proved to be right.