Gregory Manchess

Gregory Manchess earned a BA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1977, but is largely self-taught in drawing and painting. He spent two years as a studio illustrator at Hellman Design Associates before striking out on his own in 1979. His client work includes covers for Time, the Atlantic Monthly and the World Series program as well as spreads for Playboy, Omni, Newsweek, Smithsonian, National Geographic and numerous book covers. Manchess has also created images for Paramount, Disney and the Warner Bros. film Finding Forrester. He has illustrated the following children’s books: 1997’s To Capture the Wind by Sheila McGill-Callahan, 1998’s Nanuck: Lord of the Ice by Brian J. Heinz and he is currently working on another Heinz book entitled Cheyenne Medicine Hat. Manchess has won many awards within the industry, and the Society of Illustrators in New York honored him with the coveted Hamilton King Award in 1999 and the Stephen Dohanos Award in 2000. He has exhibited at the Eleanor Ettinger Galleries in New York and Hong Kong and lectures frequently at the nation’s universities and colleges.

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