Alan Aldridge

Alan Aldridge has worked in film, television, advertising, graphic design, music and publishing. Aldridge has served as art director for Penguin Books International in London, creative director for Apple Corps and House of Blues as well as creative consultant for Vogue/Conde Nast and Hard Rock Enterprises in London. He designed the White Album for The Beatles, A Quick One for The Who, Captain Fantastic for Elton John and albums for Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and John Lennon. Aldridge’s published works include Penguin Book of Comics, Beatles Illustrated Lyrics 1 & 2, Elton John Illustrated Lyrics, Pipedreams and The Gnole. He has also worked on a number of animation and live-action productions including Rollo, Wind in the Willows, Nutcracker, Faeries, Edge of China, Joe Palooka, Pandamania and Dynamo Duck. Aldridge has been honored with numerous awards around the world and is a double Grammy and Emmy nominee.

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