Chapter 35

Lamar Muse, whose airline was Muse Air, wanted to spin off a new airline. This was to be named Transtar. The man who was President of Transtar dated back to my original airline sale, Trans Texas. Bill Franklin was a gentleman and we relived the times of Earl McKaughn and his family. Earl had died, Mike the youngest and sharpest was struck by lightning and severely injured and Henry Erdman, my benefactor, was in a rest home and not doing well, mentally.

Bill wanted MD-8's, and we were able to supply several aircraft through our leasing arm and the rest came, believe it or not, from the Ansett of Australia Leasing Company. What goes around comes around. The MD-80s they purchased after TAA's aborted attempt, assisted me in getting a good friend started with Transtar.

TranStar MD-80


This is me clipping Bill Franklins tie

Dave Hinson, President of Midway Airline purchased the airplane that TAA of Australia did not, the MD-87. But the following events were to take me from enjoying any further the relationships that I had with many in the airline industry.

By now, my relationship with Kim and Ron were strained. There had been enough cheap shots and demeaning things that had me looking for some way out. My problem, I was looking to leave the company when I should have been trying to solve the problem within.