Chapter 29

In early 1983, it was suggested that I talk to Pete Burns, V.P. Marketing, Pacific and Asia. He offered me a position as Director in his group, handling the area that included Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines - along with two Salesmen and a Saleswoman as Sales Managers for this area.

I accepted, and it was again a requirement that I make the request for transfer. Pete could not be seen as raiding the Domestic Marketing Department; where have I heard this before. The suggestion for this transfer came from Jim Worsham, President of Douglas. He could see that things were going to be a little slow in the Domestic market and I should try the International marketplace.

The one thing that made me upset in this move was that I was offered an increase in my salary of 15 percent, but someone shot it down and came through with only 5 percent. My desire at this time to leave the Domestic Marketing Department overcame the disappointment towards this slight.

What precipitated this move was that Kim, now V.P. of Domestic Marketing, retired Bill Weathers, which left an opening for a Directors spot. Kim, seeking to put people he wanted in these positions, overlooked my tenure and what I considered my capability to handle the job. He put Jack McHale in the position, who was from another part of the company. Jack was a fine young man and had a good future within the Marketing Department. It left no challenge for me in the department, and my suspicions about Kim and his attitude were beginning to solidify. With no way up, I took the Pacific and Asia area. Kim was very upset that I would leave the Domestic Marketing Department. Why is it that people that treat you unfairly get upset when you want to leave them; must be in the genes.