Chapter 16

The next thing I knew, I was back in Houston trying to save Texas International, ex-Trans Texas, fleet of DC-9s from turning into a fleet of 737s.

Frank Lorenzo was on his way up in the airline world. He had recently sold National Airlines to Pan Am, another nail in Pan Ams coffin, and invested his money by purchasing Texas International. Frank was trying to develop a low-cost airline to compete with the Major carriers. He got Boeing and Douglas into a competition in an effort to get some perks from the manufacturers. They were serious about a swap.

Frank Lorenzo, Hal Walker, and Bob Olivas

For approximately two months, we worked with Jim Arpey, V.P. Maintenance and Operations, who recently joined Texas International from Trans World Airlines. Our responsibility was to show the validity of the DC-9 fleet on Texas Internationals Route system. Jim and I worked well together, and we were able to resolve the differences and worked out of the jam.

Jim Arpey, Bob Olivas

Later, Frank would merge Continental Airlines and Texas International, culminating into a large fleet of DC-9s. Frank attempted to produce a low-cost airline, but in his attempt alienated the employees and then later nearly everyone in the industry. The way it should have been accomplished was about to unfurl right in his own backyard. Only proving you cannot go back in time, only forward.

Texas International DC-9-30