Chapter 12

Soon, we were back in Hawaii. Aloha became aware of the DC-9-30 order from Hawaiian Airlines and the problem they faced at Kona without a similar performing aircraft. This began a competition between the Boeing 737 and the DC-9-30/40 - the 40 being a slightly larger version of the DC-9-30, equivalent in size to the 737. This was not an easy competition with the memory of our failed try, and we could not match the BAC delivery positions. In addition, our price structure had the -30 higher in price by $600,000 and the -40, $1,400,000 higher than the 737. Ken Char said he would like to buy the DC-9, but the price difference was too great. At least it was a gentlemans reason. I still respect the people at Aloha and even today feel bad that we lost the sale. I still had one more chance later down the road.