Chapter 1

The title of the book is "McDonnell Douglas DC-9," the author, Terry Waddington. Terry recently published this book which outlines the background and development of the DC-9 aircraft program. Purchasing this book was a reflection that this aircraft was a major part of my career with McDonnell Douglas and all of my career in its Marketing Department. This was a significant period in the history of the Douglas Aircraft Company with twist and turns evident in many of our industrial complexes. This book brought a sense of need to look back and try to remember some of the stories, people and incidents that made up this portion of my career, and to review some of the concepts highlighted in the book.

In addition to Terry's book, I dusted off my log of flights, maps, city pairs and airline visits during my tenure in the Marketing Department, also included in this book. Sometimes it was easy to match events; i.e., sales campaigns, special trips, etc. that refreshed my memory to the time period and event. I am sorry to say that some got lost with time.